Chapter 2.1: Alternate Timelines and Such

I HAVE COME TO THE SUDDEN REALISATION THAT THE TWIN AND TRIPLET BIRTHS ADD EXTRA POINTS AND AREN’T JUST USELESS CATEGORIES!!! So now I need to give myself points I didn’t realise I should have before, which is just like 5 points, but it can make a difference in this challenge. At least, I think they’re not just useless categories. Idk.

+5 for every birth

Also, as I’m writing this, I’ve managed to caption over 300 screenshots in 2 days (I usually can’t even caption 30 in that time!).Most people seem to have time to get some chapters out during the summer, whereas I’m going away today and I won’t be able to touch my sims game until the end of summer. It’s kinda funny really, last summer I had so little to do that I started this blog, and this summer I’m too busy to work on it 😀 But anyway, I’ve pre-captioned a lot and uploaded the pictures, so I’m all set to be getting out chapters anyway. So know if I don’t I have no excuse.

Anyway, this is the first chapter of Generation 2! I’m really excited because it’s usually from this point that I really start to get into it (or that was the case in my one other legacy attempt 🙄 )

We pick up exactly where we left off, at Aether and Antheia’s birthday party (you can see Antheia’s unused cake over there, because of fucking Aether).

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Chapter 1.16: Aether Ruins All

Wow. WOW. Wow.  It has been a while. Over 2 months, to be exact. I won’t pretend I’ve been busy, because I really haven’t been (that much). If I were being honest, I kinda…forgot that this blog exists?

*shields self from the shame*

Well, anyway, let’s get into this avoiding confrontation? me? never!

At least I tried to make up for it by making this chapter really long!

As promised, we start this chapter off with a room tour (because apparently I promised that?):

And yeah, I know I’m not allowed to use pink, but I thought for Antheia’s room I would make an exception. She just seems like such a pink person, doesn’t she?

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Chapter 1.15: I Come Bearing Cookies… Which I Will Immediately Throw Everywhere Because I Hate You

Did I say I would have another chapter out soon? Well apparently when I say ‘soon’ I mean over a month. I’m not very proud of myself, and I’m not even going to try to make excuses for myself.

Anyway, I am not in the right mood to be writing this at all, but then again I’ve never tried writing a chapter when in this mood so let’s just see how this goes.

You know that feeling when you grew up yesterday, haven’t left your house since but are somehow employed as a test subject? No? Well apparently Astraea does.

I suspect something suspicious is going on.

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Chapter 1.14: Why Are We Still Here?

Just to suffer? (I love this meme too much I’m so sorry)

Hello! Welcome! How’s it going? Everyone having a good 2017 so far? I sure as hell haven’t! But that’s neither here nor there.

I’ve tried starting this chapter so many times, each time giving different excuses, considering every time I came back to this chapter about 3 weeks had passed. But the truth is, I’ve had plenty of free time. Like, A LOT. And maybe I should have spent that time studying, in which case I would actually have an excuse, but in reality I’ve been playing Life is Strange (because at one point I bought it and was so excited about finally playing it myself instead of watching youtubers do it I did nothing else), which I still haven’t finished btw, I’ve been drawing a lot, because I got a tablet for christmas and digital art is so damn cool, and, of course, I’ve been procrastinating by watching YouTube and Netflix. But that’s nothing unheard of in my case.

Anyway, I’m just glad it’s finally done, and I can feel the writing block melting away slowly, (although it’ll probably be back in 3 days, because that’s just how it goes for me), so let’s get back to this mess.

Ok, first order of business:

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Generation 2 Heir Poll

I posted this right after another post, so make sure you didn’t miss that.

It’s finally time for the dreaded long-awaited Generation 2 Heir Poll! For this occasion I have placed the YA-ified versions of the kids into Heir Poll Land, otherwise known as Bridgeport.

The non-young adults have received one random additional trait, and Aether and Astraea are already showing how terribly matched those traits are (Aether got Mean-Spirited and Astraea got Grumpy).

Aether: “I hope you all drown in a pool.”

Astraea: “I hate this, I hate this shirt and I hate all of you and everything you stand for.”

I don’t remember what traits the others got, but they couldn’t have been well matched either, if Antheia’s smiling like that.

Oh, and Aegle is thinking about the ghosts of their past or whatever.

(Can you tell I spent exactly 0 effort on Aether’s outfit?)

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Chapter 1.13: Surprise, It’s a Party!

I go back to school on Monday (it’s currently Saturday). Fml. I’m not ready. Never has a week gone by faster than this one.

(Ok now it’s Tuesday and it wasn’t that bad. Just a bit bad.)


We start off with Aegle and Astraea getting on honor roll, which happened sometime this or last chapter, but I can’t exactly remember when.

Ignore Aegle’s picture, I took this way too late.


Clarissa’s sister came home with them one day after school, and instantly both the guys became obsessed with her. It was as if they had never seen a girl before. Although she was the one to hit on them, so maybe it’s some sort of dark magic.

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