Obligatory Introduction

Most normal people would start this with something along the lines of ‘Welcome to my Legacy!’ and to be perfectly honest, I almost did too, until I remembered that I am not a normal people. Therefore I will not introduce this legacy whatsoever and say this instead:

When creating a founder one has to decide upon a suitable surname, a task I always struggle with because if I’m going to be stuck with it for at least ten generations, I don’t want to make it something like ‘Smith’ (Note: I do not intend to offend any Smiths out there. I knew a few Smiths. Don’t currently like any of them but that’s irrelevant). So there I was, thinking hard on what to call my legacy, and I couldn’t help noticing that my founder looked a lot like what I’d imagine a nymph to look like and BAM! I had my answer. So I went onto The Internet™ and searched ‘nymph names’, as you do, and went onto the first website that looked promising. After scrolling for a while, I found it, the perfect name. Epimeliades. It was fairly long and complicated, impossible to pronounce, and to top it all off the description said that they were, and I quote: ‘Protectors of Sheep’. Sheep nymphs. I mean, how perfect was that? Upon further research I discovered they were technically tree protectors or whatever but we can pretend that never happened.

There you have it. The back story behind my title and tagline, aka the only way I could think of filling up this space, so you are ready to jump right in, or, as you’re more likely to do, run away screaming.

We’re currently on Generation two with Antheia Epimelaides:

antheia for chapter page


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