Irrelevant Shit

*stretches out jaw*


*bites lip in frustration* *twitches*

so you may or may not have become aware that *sighs angrily*


*rubs neck* ok.

So as you may or may not have noticed, as I did today when I ventured onto my blog, naively thinking I would reread Lydia’s generation because I miss that old dog, that all the fucking pictures are missing.

Apparently someone (postimg) decided to, idk, change their url and the url of all my images, without letting me know. Postimg *smiles in that I’m a crazy bitch about to commit many murders way* what up girl???

I guess I know what I’m doing all night.

EDIT: I’m also gonna be commenting on the posts as ‘Future Zuzanna’ (or FZ) sometimes, so uhhh *finger guns*


the bitch is back (ish)



so like



it’s…. it’s been a while. and by a while i mean four months. it’s been four months.


i still don’t have a post. but like, i made tried (and failed) to make Antheia in the sims 4:

04-07-18_1-22-49 AM

so like, that counts right? (it literally looks nothing like her wowowowowow)

tbh i haven’t really been playing the sims, and when i have (like, this past week) it’s been the sims 4, and honestly i’m kinda scared of going back to lag infested waters (also that’s 100% just an excuse bc i have a few chapters worth of screenshots i could caption)

also this is completely irrelevant but i’ve been playing a lot of overwatch and i’m so fucking obsessed, i insist on being a pharah main even though i can’t play pharah to save my life jghdshhgkdkdg

so anwyay now i’m going to go catch up on some stories and reread a bit of this one to remember who the fuck all these people are, and hopefully i will feel inspired to finish the chapter i’ve been writing since before december

(also, the sims 4. yep… that’s… that’s a thing now.)




Generation Dos

Chapter 2.7: Well Slap My Ass and Call Me Sleep Deprived

I’ve just discovered the wonders of twitch. I’ve been watching andrewarcade stream the sims 2 since yesterday and I’ve been loving it.

To begin with, Antheia finds out she’s pregnant. OOOOOOh, SHOCKER!

Making use of the fact that Antheia didn’t have to work for the rest of the day, I sent her to the park to finish the changing the future opportunity.

Pink guy: *has already been dewified*

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Generation Dos

Chapter 2.6: Would You Believe Your Thighs, if 10,000… Fleas


SO I finally got to play my game recently (it’s only been like 3+ months), and I figured it’s finally time to publish the 2 chapters I’ve had in my drafts for 6 months, especially considering I’ve been playing these lot a bit and have managed to take…



I hate myself.



Anyway, guess I’m off to spend two weeks captioning that mess.

First of all, this is what Antheia says to Gregory when I try to get their relationship up so he won’t break it off when the ‘betrayed’ moodlet runs out. Suck up much, Antheia?

Anyway, I feel like I owe an explanation you think, Zuzanna?

During their vacation in SimLau Isles, there was almost an entire day I didn’t show you. So, let’s bring ourselves back to the day after Raquel and Antheia hooked up.

Antheia, understandably, was feeling a mixture of emotions – confused, guilty, elated. Not feeling up to the task of seeing her husband for a prolonged amount of time, she escaped back to their base camp – if you remember that place – and invited Raquel over.

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Generation Dos


Aaaand it’s been fucking years since I posted (again). I feel really bad, but with starting a new school and how shit my mental health has been lately, I really haven’t had the time to be focusing on this (or any of my hobbies really, except for drawing because that doesn’t require much concentration), not to mention the fact that I’m eternally stressed because it’s been 3 months already and I have fuck all CAS hours.

Anyway, all I really want to say is I’m probably not going to be posting a lot, but I won’t abandon this because I really like doing it, even if it takes me 10 years to finish this.

All right, vent over, let’s get on with the chapter.

(Ignore the title. That’s just me screaming internally.)

And now we return with ‘Lydia Doing Boring Old People Things: The Show’.

Lydia: “Bellissimo! Bene! Spaghetti!”

Clearly, a master of the languages, this one.

Well, now this is awesome! I had been waiting for Lydia to finally swim in the pool, (the actual pool) considering this is probably the last time she will get a chance to… and now I’ve made myself sad.

Lydia: “I have made a huge mistake.”

I’m gonna let you deal with that. I have to go I… I um… I have allergies.. 😥

Lydia: “Booo, you aren’t playing the bass right now! You decieved me, so I don’t like you anymore!”

Gregory: “All right, well, if you’re done, I’m going to go get some of that sweet caffeine.”

Funny thing is, Lydia actually does like him. As a matter of fact, she has a better relationship with him than she does with Antheia! Though, I guess that’s not hard, considering she has NO relationship with Antheia, but who am I to be complaining about stuff like that…

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Generation Dos

Chapter 2.4: Gunther Goth is Shook (to the Core)

I think I finally discovered my life’s dream (my Lifetime Wish, so to speak). I want to be a full-time resident of the Neuschwanstein castle. I may have to rethink my stance on the aesthetic tumblr community. Or rather, my stance on creating once, because I’m about to create one dedicated to this beauty.

*dances around excitedly* Ma! I know what I want to be when I grow up.  

But in all honestly, can you blame me?


Antheia would kill to get herself a place like that.

In other news, I have this unexpected desire to build (in the sims), completely unrelated to the fact that I’ve been looking up castles and their floor plans for the last 20 minutes of course, because I would never be that predictable.

It’s just so typical that the one time I actually want to build I won’t be able to touch my game for almost 2 months. Damn EA and their over-achieving selves for making a game that won’t run on any run of the mill machine without making it explode (yeah because that’s the problem, and not the fact that I have a chromebook which is incapable of running any time of game that isn’t an internet flash game in the first place).

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Irrelevant Shit


this PIECE OF SHIT WEBSITE keeps either DELETING AN ENTIRE SECTION of the post I’m working on, or REMOVING ALL THE LINE BREAKS as soon as I switch from visual to HTML or exit the chapter

And it’s just with this ONE SECTION, and it doesn’t care if I go to an older version of the post, it just KEEPS FUCKING DOING IT I AM ABOUT TO HURL MY MUM’S LAPTOP ACROSS THE ROOM AND I DON’T THINK SHE WOULD APPRECIATE THAT

anyway bye i’m about to delete my account

Generation Dos

Chapter 2.3: The Worst Chapter

I like to pretend that there is pre-decided (by me) length of my chapters that is the ‘usual length’ (about 70 – 80 screenshots), but I have come to realise that it’s more like: whatever the fuck amount I feel like right now, which is quite sad really, albeit true to my character.

This is going to be one of those ‘whatever the fuck I feel like right now’ chapters.

Also, it’s been a while. I’m not going to pretend I have excuses. I just really hate this chapter.

We come back to this clusterfuck in one of the rooms (not Antheia’s for once). I want to take on the challenge of captioning all of this but… I just… really… no…

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Irrelevant Shit

Ha… so remember when I said I have so many chapters prepared that I can post regularly during summer? *checks when the last post was uploaded* yeah…

To be fair, I wasn’t lying, and I was perfectly set to be posting regular-ish but then I started captioning the next chapter and with about 15 screenshots left to caption I have lost the will to live. It is genuinely the worst chapter I’ve ever written. It’s as if I threw all my captions into a hat and picked the ones to caption at random. So damn disjointed.

On the bright side, which is the actual reason I’m writing this post, I have finally made a downloads page! So if for whatever reason you want these assholes in your game click up there *points vividly at Downloads page*

Also this is my first time uploading something for others to download as well as using MEGA so if any of you decide to grab an Epimeliades and find that something doesn’t work let me know!

*finger guns away*

Generation Dos

Chapter 2.2: Too Many Damn Winky Faces

Right, well, um, usually I have a lot to say in these intros because usually it’s been at least a month since my last update, but this time I’ve got nothing. This post is scheduled. I don’t know why I feel the need to say that, but it feels important.

We come back to Lydia skinny dipping in the hot tub. Clearly she isn’t bothered by her spat with Liam.

Lydia: “Why worry about such trivial things when you can do this instead?”

And it’s just now I realise that this would probably be Lydia’s idea of a perfect life. Just have some kids, and then chill, unbothered by any man. Sorry I didn’t figure out your personality in time to make that happen Lydia 😦

Lydia: “Iss cool, I’m happy anyway 😉 ”

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